Intelligent Aircraft Software for Pilot Peace of Mind

Coflyt® combines inspections and maintenance tracking, scheduling, and billing into a simple, mobile app to provide peace of mind for aircraft owners. Automate your aircraft management today.

One App to Streamline
General Aviation Aircraft Ownership​

Coflyt® puts your aircraft into the palm of your hand

Listen to Satisfied Pilots and A&Ps

Watch this 3-minute video to hear stories from pilots and A&Ps who have discovered how Coflyt® streamlines general aviation management.

Everything You Need


Maintenance Insights

Keep visibility of mechanical issues and squawks at your fingertips.


Aircraft Status

See required VFR/IFR inspection statuses and monitor service intervals like oil changes, etc.


Manage Shared Aircraft

Log flights made by partners to analyze usage, map flights, and more.


Share with your A&P

Quickly share aircraft information with your A&P, saving time for them and you.

What Pilots Are Saying:

Discover how Coflyt® has made owning and operating an aircraft easier for aircraft owners across the country

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