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A Coflyt Premier Partner (SMA) is tackling the huge inefficiency in general aviation aircraft utilization where the average pilot flies 3.3 hours a month, or 40 hours a year. By easily allowing an owner to share his or her plane with other like-minded, qualified pilots, an owner can earn additional income to cover fixed expenses associated with the aircraft such as the hangar fees, software subscriptions and the annual expense. For pilots looking for an aircraft, SMA allows one to search by aircraft make/model, year, hourly rate, location and more, finding the perfect, local aircraft to fly.

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Tackling the Inefficiency in General Aviation Aircraft Utilization

It Just Makes Sense

• Cover fixed expenses & make money in the process

• Pilot fun-to-fly planes in addition to your primary aircraft without the full cost of owning another plane

• Keep your plane flying, running & the engine happy

• Keep the airframe maintained

• Meet other like-minded experienced pilots & develop new relationships