Intelligent Aircraft Software for Pilot Peace of Mind

The Coflyt app boasts a wide variety of features that will assist aircraft owners everywhere! 

This intelligent aircraft software was built to streamline general aviation aircraft ownership so you can always be informed and ready for your next flight. Check out the features of Coflyt below and download the app for Apple devices or on Google Play. 

Coflyt Features


Maintenance Insights

Track mechanical issues and squawks so you can know about problems and fix them before they become serious issues.


Aircraft Status

Have instant peace of mind, and track any required VFR/IFR inspections. With Coflyt, you know what the best next steps are for your aircraft.


Manage Shared Aircraft

With streamlined communication, you can maintain flight sheets, analyze aircraft usage, and more!


Reservations & Scheduling

Plan your flights with your co-owners so everyone involved with the airplane can see any upcoming trips.


Manage Payments

Automatically create charges, plan for upcoming expenses, and facilitate easy payments without any added complication.

Maintenance Insights

Keeping track of maintenance records and upcoming checks can be frustrating and confusing. With Coflyt, you will be able to have all of your aircraft’s maintenance information in one place! This visibility of mechanical issues and technical squawks will help you know about issues before they arise. You’ll be able to share your information with co-owners and your A&P, so everyone working on your airplane will always be on the same page.

Aircraft Status

Be aware of what is happening with your aircraft at all times! With Coflyt, you can have instant peace of mind by checking to make sure your aircraft is in compliance with required inspections and suggested maintenance guidelines.

Coflyt can track:

• VFR/IFR inspections
• Oil change dates
• Any additional, custom reminders

Thanks to these tracking features, you will be able to know if your plane is ready for flight at a simple glance.

Reservations & Scheduling

If you share ownership of your aircraft, not always knowing who has planned flights, or sometimes not even knowing where your aircraft is can be frustrating! When you and your co-owners have Coflyt, it makes scheduling easy. You can always see who has flights planned, and carve out time for upcoming maintenance. Say goodbye to confusing group messages or spreadsheets. All of your necessary information will be in the palm of your hand!

Manage Shared Aircraft

You can finally ditch the paper flight sheets and outdated tracking methods. When you use Coflyt, you will be able to analyze your usage, map out your upcoming flights, and more. Our incredibly powerful application is the easiest and best way to manage a partnership airplane. We offer subscription plans for single pilots, co-ownership teams, and custom packages. Sign up now or get in touch to learn more!

Manage Payments

Financing an aircraft can be difficult, and making sure your payments are up-to-date can be stressful. With Coflyt, you’ll be able to easily manage upcoming expenses between all of your partners, estimate monthly cost for all pilots, facilitate payments to a central account, and track every contribution or deduction. Thanks to the simple finance options, you can always ensure you are covered for fuel, maintenance, regulation testing, and any other expenditure.

Download Coflyt now on Google Play or the Apple App Store to begin your own free trial! Once you’re started, it will be easy to see how beneficial this powerful application will be to you and your aircraft ownership team. Step into the future of intelligent aircraft ownership with Coflyt, and take all the frustration out of owning an airplane. Now every time you take to the skies, you can rest assured that you are flying safely and following all of the necessary regulations.

Listen to Satisfied Pilots and A&Ps

Watch this 3-minute video to hear stories from pilots and A&Ps who have discovered how Coflyt™ streamlines general aviation management.