Innovative Teams Every GA Aircraft Owner Should Know About

When we first started Coflyt, we wanted to support owners and pilots of general aviation aircraft, creating a software using today’s technology that would fill the unmet needs of aircraft management. We hope that our many users feel that value and the #PilotPeaceOfMind we have created by improving the ability to manage your aircraft, and in turn, enhancing the awareness of your aircraft. As we continue to build on our goal of improving the aircraft ownership experience, we are well aware that we can’t do it by ourselves!

It has been exciting to notice that as we have been building Coflyt, there are others who are building products, developing new solutions or improving on legacy services to assure general aviation owners are served by the latest technology has to offer. We believe that the best way to meet the needs of our customers is to build the best software we can to meet those unique needs, while also identifying partners that deliver quality solutions that address other needs aircraft owners will likely encounter. By helping fellow pilots identify solutions we can get more enjoyment out of flying and the aircraft ownership experience! It is our hope that this will lead to more people pursuing their dreams of becoming pilots as well as more of those pilots becoming aircraft owners, which aviation needs to sustain the flying experience for generations to come.

Throughout the past year, we have developed great partnerships with innovative and growing aviation companies that we believe will help you as aircraft owners. Here are summaries of each, and we hope that you will reach out to check out their unique solutions for aircraft owners and operators:

If you need help buying, maintaining, or selling an airplane, you need Airplane Intel. Independent and very knowledgeable, Adam Sipe and his team are invaluable in purchasing and managing an aircraft. With more than 100 years’ combined experience working in the field with aircraft buyers, owners and operators. The Airplane Intel team guides customers through the unique complexities of their aircraft ownership. Adam is an A&P/IA and a CFI who also hosts an excellent podcast you should check out!

Aviation 101 was one of our earliest partners and advisors and we believe all pilots could gain insight by tuning in to Josh’s YouTube channel. Each of his videos are always professionally produced and beautifully shot, but more importantly, he covers key points of safety and ownership during his videos. While they are entertaining, they are also educational, and so Josh is aligned with our goal of improving love for aviation and #PilotPeaceOfMind.

HangarBot provides everything you need to turn your hangar into a “smart hangar”. This is way better than a smart home! HangarBot simplifies your hangar tech by allowing you to control WiFi, cameras, outlets and many other items from your phone, assuring that you always have visibility and awareness of your aircraft, even if you are not around. Live in colder areas? HangarBot has you covered with the ability to automate engine pre-heating via your phone! Founder Morgan Walker owns and flies Cirrus, so he understands the needs of aircraft owners and pilots.

MojoGrip adopted Coflyt early on and has also been a great advisor for Coflyt. His channel focuses on understanding aircraft and explaining the intricacies of each aircraft to potential owners. If you are interested in learning more about a particular aircraft, there is a good chance that Mike has created a video covering its unique ins and outs. Mike is also a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur who is developing a new business focused on a white-glove service approach for those looking to buy an aircraft.

Share-My-Aircraft allows owners to post their aircraft to share it with qualified pilots – and earn some income when you are not actively flying it. Most aircraft are not flying up to 10 hours a month, and it is much better to offer them to others than have them just sit in the hangar. Share My Aircraft gives you the opportunity to designate an instructor who will provide a check ride and any required training in your airplane before you complete a transaction to share it and offers pilots and planes the opportunity to connect from local airports across the U.S.

Coflyt has also created an integration with Airbly that will allow you to import data from their hardware, directly into your Coflyt account, updating your flight records and flight time. We will continue to build hardware and software integrations like these to assure we continue to lead in innovation for aviation software and to meet the needs of our subscribers. Additionally, we will continue to expand relationships for inputs, collection and storage of data, offering more options for how you as an owner store data related to your aircraft. More information will be provided as we secure new partnerships, as we continue to work with others in the space towards our goal of supporting aircraft owners with the best technology available.

If you have any suggestions for Coflyt or any of our partners please feel free to contact us. We love hearing from our subscriber community. Also, we are looking forward to being at Sun ’n Fun in April, and we hope to see you there!