Some Surprised Us, But Many Inspired Us to Do the Same

As we begin to wrap up the Holiday season, it has been exciting to see our Coflyt customers and others order Coflyt for friends or family members who own aircraft. Just last week we had someone email us with questions about setting up an aircraft for his father-in-law who was about to purchase an aircraft. He wanted to surprise him by setting up his aircraft in Coflyt, which was purchased, but yet to be delivered. Of course we obliged, and would love to help anyone else who has questions about setting up their aircraft or someone else’s aircraft in Coflyt! We understand that a non-pilot purchasing Coflyt for an aircraft owner may need a little help with the initial set-up, and we look forward to helping out with anything you may need.

Coflyt App Check

"We knew what we could expect to see in many cases, depending on aircraft, but there are some items we’ve seen along the way that have surprised us!"

As we are talking one-on-one with our customers, we enjoy seeing the different items they are tracking with Coflyt. When we first started, we knew that there were specific items that are part of FARs that needed to be included, and those are standard, but we also developed Coflyt to be highly configurable to assure that it would fit the requirements of any aircraft, or any unique requirements of an aircraft partnership. We knew what we could expect to see in many cases, depending on aircraft, but there are some items we’ve seen along the way that have surprised us! I thought it would be fun to share a list of some of these unexpected items that we’re seeing aircraft owners tracking in Coflyt. And if you’re like us, some might be things you may not have even considered:

  1. Cirrus Parachute Requirements – There are three different inspections required for the Cirrus parachute assemblage, and Cirrus owners are using Coflyt to track each of these three required items.
  2. Oxygen LimitsWe’ve seen those aircraft owners who use oxygen in their aircraft adding their inspection requirements to Coflyt. It makes complete sense because this is one of those items that is often missed without a good tracking tool and reminder.
  3. Fire Extinguisher – We all should have a fire extinguisher onboard our aircraft, and we need to assure it is inspected on the appropriate schedule. Do you know if yours is within the inspection requirements?
  4. Tires & Tire Pressure – Several Coflyt users want to ensure their partnership or club planes are checked on certain intervals as a part of routine maintenance. One of these we see quite often is tire pressure. It is another often overlooked maintenance item and it is great to see users set requirements for it! Low pressure can inhibit take off performance, while high pressure could damage your aircraft’s tires.
  5. Retractable Gear Inspections – Several aircraft – including a number of Beechcraft – have ADs requiring uplock roller or other retractable gear inspections. These can be tracked within the AD section of Coflyt, but we see other users creating retractable gear inspections for their partnerships or clubs within the VFR section of the app.
  6. Prop Time and/or Prop Overhaul Tracking – Coflyt has a page to track engine logs and engine items such as oil changes, but so far, we do not have an entry dedicated to props (this will be changing with future development). Many users are adding an entry to track prop time, and if it is a twin, two separate entries for each prop. It is always good to know where you are on this critical item, and Coflyt will help you effectively track prop time.
  7. Brake Systems & Parts – Depending on the type of your aircraft, brake fluid, brake pads and other items could be involved with your brake system. These items may not have specific time requirements, but many Coflyt users have set times for checking their brake systems. This is a great idea and is another way to stay ahead of potential maintenance issues and keep your A&P up-to-date!
  8. Electrical Systems & Light Checks – While checking lights is a standard pre-flight item, (especially for night flights) very few of us have tracked time between actually inspecting our lighting or other electrical items. In addition to a normal pre-flight check, many Coflyt pilots are recording an inspection on a certain flight time interval.
AD Inspections for Cirrus

Regardless of the type of aircraft you fly, or how your aircraft ownership is structured, there are always items that can be refined within your inspection process to assure a safe and rewarding ownership experience. We hope that you will let us know items that you are tracking and recommend adding to Coflyt, and we will continue to share your specific users with our owners.  We look forward to a safe and prosperous 2021 where you can continue to fly and enjoy #PilotPeaceofMind!

If you’re interested in streamlining your aircraft management, schedule a free demo today to see how Coflyt can help you fly with pilot peace of mind in the new year!