Co-Owning with Coflyt: App Streamlines Aircraft Ownership

Feature June 2021 Issue of Twin & Turbine Magazine
Written by Jared T. Jacobs

“The joys of aircraft ownership are numerous: freedom, flexibility, adventure, spreadsheets…?

If I’m being honest, the amount of time dedicated to spreadsheets in the first month of aircraft ownership began to get in the way of the enjoyment. As a co-owner of Bonanza F33A,  I found myself in charge of juggling payments of all sorts: hangar and aircraft supplies, chart subscriptions, insurance payments, pre-purchase inspection fees, monthly fixed costs, hourly operating costs, debts owed by each owner (and funds transferred), as well as managing flight reservations. 

While entering a co-ownership offers many benefits, it also necessitates tracking a lot more data and moving parts than sole ownership. It was somewhere around the sixth Google Sheet that I was ready to find a better way…”