Collaboration pairs leading-edge aircraft management technology with innovative Part 135 private charter that is poised to revolutionize private aviation.

PENSACOLA, Fla. & BOCA RATON, Fla. — March 11, 2021 Verijet and Coflyt, LLC announced a strategic partnership that brings the latest aircraft management technology, data collection, and digital log book storage to the Part 135 private jet operator.  

Verijet is transforming short-haul private travel with point-to-point charter services operated on an AI routing platform that helps ensure efficient use of the fleet’s Cirrus SF50 Vision Jets. The Cirrus Vision Jet is equipped with Safe Return capability that can auto land the jet without pilot assistance. The entire Verijet fleet includes the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS), an integrated whole airframe parachute system and state-of-the-art safety features that are unique to private jet carriers. 

From the latest in Garmin Avionics, to the lowest carbon footprint available in private jet travel, Verijet is connecting with top industry partners to deliver the new experience for passengers.

“The Verijet vision is much larger than to become just another Part 135 operator with cool planes,” said Tal Clark, Coflyt Co-Founder and CEO.

“The Verijet app is designed to summon the nearest pilot, determine where the closest airport is, and bring it all together for a perfectly seamless connection. Richard and the Verijet team are in the process of delivering on this vision, and Coflyt is super excited to be a part of this revolution as we match our vision of simplified aircraft management with the future of private air travel,” said Clark.

Coflyt has engineered advanced functionality for Verijet’s revolutionary operation to meet the specific needs of their fleet of Cirrus Vision Jets. As an integral part of Verijet’s aircraft management, Coflyt will deliver an additional means to share real-time status information to Verijet’s staff pilots and A&Ps. A custom fleet management dashboard gives at-a-glance insights for each aircraft along with custom inspection intervals unique to Part 135.

“We are excited for this opportunity to partner with Coflyt to bring the leading aircraft
management technology to our fleet of truly state-of-the-art aircraft and advanced private
travel services,” said Richard Kane, Founder and CEO of Verijet. “As we continue to push air travel into a new era, technology will be a key focus.”

Coflyt launched in late 2019 with the goal of providing the general aviation community with the technology needed to effectively manage aircraft, whether it is operated by a sole owner or is owned by multiple users. “Verijet is the ideal partner for Coflyt. Delivering information to Verijet pilots using our innovative digital tools is a great way to help move Part 135 travel past the days of paper management and delivery and into the future,” said Clark.

Verijet received approval to begin operating late October 2020 and since has provided faster, safer, and more cost effective options for short-haul private travel.Travelers across the southeastern US can now book a flight with Verijet with expanded service locations slated to begin operating later this year.



  Coflyt is intelligent aircraft software that provides pilots with peace of mind by streamlining communication for aircraft owners, partners, and flying clubs. Developed by pilots, Coflyt enables aircraft owners to centralize flight logs, analyze aircraft usage, automatically send logged status updates to A&Ps, simplify payments, and more! Know exactly when aircraft maintenance is needed, access real-time usage data, and ensure AD compliance – all from the palm of your hand. For more information visit

ABOUT VERIJET:  Verijet is a revolutionary aviation company headquartered in Florida offering new air mobility services to more people in more places than ever before! Verijet utilizes industry leading and patented A.I. and large-scale computing in conjunction with the safest and most advanced small jet aircraft in the air today. Verijet is now operating in the southeastern United States and invites you to experience the next generation of safe, fast, direct, convenient, eco-friendly, and private air travel. Learn more at or by calling 833-VERIJET.