“Eric Hill promises that he didn’t start his company, Coflyt, to compete with his students. As director of the Mississippi State University Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach, also called MSU E-Center, he’s an instructor and mentor to hundreds of students and faculty members seeking to start companies.

Burt even though “entrepreneurship” is his day job, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also have the bug for a side-hustle.

“Coflyt came about from experiencing this pain with my own aircraft,” Hill said, talking about all of the record-keeping it takes to keep a private plane in the air, especially when more than one person shares the ownership in the aircraft.”

“I have an airplane that I own with two other guys, and part of that experience is a whole bunch of administrative burden:  paperwork, finances, requirements to keep it flying and legal,” Hill said. When he took on the administrative role for his partnership, he started by writing some software to automate reminders of critical issues. Soon, he saw a market opportunity.”