Technology integration will allow general aviation aircraft owners to automatically upload flight log data into Coflyt aircraft management software.

Pensacola, Fla. – August 18, 2020 Coflyt®, LLC, providers of the first innovative software for the management of general aviation aircraft, now offers its users full integration with Airbly’s Phoenix Aircraft Monitor hardware. Once paired, flight data collected by the Airbly hardware will be automatically uploaded into the Coflyt app, further streamlining the process for paperless aircraft management.

Coflyt launched in late 2019 to provide the general aviation community with technology that provides peace of mind for both individual and partner aircraft owners and operators. Coflyt’s aircraft management technology tracks inspections, maintenance intervals and recurring ADs so pilots will know their aircraft is flight-ready from the palm of their hand. 

The integration with Airbly will further streamline the process for aircraft operators who are looking to effectively manage their aircraft with a reliable digital tool.

“We are excited to work with the Airbly team to give owners an even simpler way to manage their aircraft”, said Tal Clark, Coflyt co-founder and CEO. “Through the integration, Coflyt customers using the Airbly Phoenix Aircraft Monitor will have their flight data automatically uploaded right into their Coflyt account, for faster, easier aircraft management tracking.

Aircraft owners will be able to order the Airbly Phoenix Aircraft Monitor or subscribe to Coflyt via either website and sign up for the service. “This is a natural technology integration as we move towards our goal of paperless aircraft management,” said Clark, and we hope it makes it even easier for owners and operators to ensure their aircraft’s compliance.”


ABOUT COFLYT®:  Coflyt is intelligent aircraft software that provides pilot peace of mind by streamlining communication for aircraft owners, partners and flying clubs. Developed by pilots, Coflyt enables aircraft owners to centralize flight logs, track and communicate aircraft usage with partners, track inspections and recurring ADs, simplify partnership payments and more. Know your aircraft is flight-ready from the palm of your hand. For more information visit