Getting Started: Using Scheduler, Logging Squawks & Adding Flights

Hey, everyone, it’s Tal Clark with Coflyt. I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about the details around using Coflyt within your ownership circle. And that is the scheduler, adding squawks, and adding flights.

So if you’re in a partnership or in a flight club, you can use the scheduler within Coflyt so that you can book the aircraft for specific blocks of times. When you do that, everyone who has access to the app and everybody within your ownership circle will know that you have the aircraft booked or otherwise when the aircraft is free to use. So it’s a great communication tool across your aircraft owners.

The second thing that is available to you in Coflyt is squawks. When you fly the aircraft, if there’s anything in that aircraft that needs to be worked on or that you want to communicate across your ownership team that needs to be fixed, you can add a squawk in Coflyt. Once you add that squawk, not only does your A&P know about it via Coflyt, but also the other owners so they know that when they go to the airport if it’s something that grounds the aircraft, that’ll save some time. If it’s something that doesn’t ground the aircraft, they can still fly it and at least they’re aware of it and they’re aware of it via Coflyt.

The third thing is once you take off and fly and you come back, you have the opportunity to log your flight with Coflyt that would be the time when you can add a flight to Coflyt. You simply go to the top of the screen, click add flights and you walk through the addition of the flight. You use your Hobbs or Tach, which is something you would have chosen own set up whether or not you want to use Hobbs or Tach or both. You add your flight using Hobbs or Tach on the time and that updates across the app — across the ownership team — how much fuel you have left, how much time is left between oil change whatever you’d like to track via Hobbs and Tach will be updated each time you add a flight via Coflyt.

Once that’s done you also have a report section within Coflyt that will show the flights so that everybody is aware of how the aircraft is being used, where the aircraft is being used, and it’s really cool you can share via social Facebook Twitter whatever you’d like to so that your other friends and family can see some of your flights once you have all this set up you’re ready to roll and use Coflyt.