Getting Started: Setting up an Aircraft

Hey everyone it’s Tal Clark with Coflyt wanting to talk to you in more detail about how to continue setting up your aircraft with Coflyt, and set it up so it can be shared across your ownership circle. You’re going to need your logbooks just one time. It’s really simple to pull that information you’re going to need that so you can set up the information that you want to be reminded on your aircraft.

So for example the ELT check, transponder check, insurance policy, aircraft registration and your nnual dates, all those dates that are in your logbook or in your insurance policy. If you’re flying IFR and you want your aircraft to be IFR ready and track that in Coflyt as well. You can set up nav database, VOR check, and altimeter checks if you want to add that.

Once you do that, you can also add any custom requirements for your aircraft and that’s simply at the top of the app. You can hit add, and set up anything that you’d like you or your other aircraft owners to check before they go fly your aircraft and make sure your aircraft is ready to go.

Once you have this set up, any time you get ready to go fly you can open Coflyt and it will let you know your aircraft is ready or some of these things are coming due or are due to make sure your aircraft readiness is always up to date.