Getting Started: Creating an Ownership Circle

Hey, everyone, it’s Tal Clark with Coflyt. I want to talk to you a little bit about setting up your ownership circle with Coflyt so that you, everybody involved with your aircraft – other owners, your insurance broker, your A&P – are all aware of what’s going on with your aircraft.

When you’re ready to do that you simply go to the top of the screen and you can click ‘Add User’. It can be your co-owner or partner in the aircraft, multiple partners in the aircraft or it can be an A&P or it can be an instruments broker — again anybody in as we like to say within your ownership circle that you’d like to share information with about your aircraft as you’re using it.

Once they’re added, you can also give them the level of access that you want within the app. So if it’s multiple owners, you can use the scheduler within Coflyt and schedule the aircraft out with each other. If it’s the A&P and you want to share information, you can send that to them via text message or email so that when you enter a squawk on the aircraft, it’ll go directly your A&P.

Once you have these users set up, you’re ready to start sharing information across that ownership circle and using Coflyt to make sure you have pilot peace of mind with everybody involved with the aircraft.