Getting Started: Coflyt Payments & Financial Tools

Hey, everyone, it’s Tal Clark with Coflyt. I wanted to talk to you about a feature of the Coflyt app that we’re really excited about and is unique in the general aviation community. And that is our payments page.

So once you open the app, you can go to payments, and you have the opportunity there to set up the payments across your partnership or across a flight club. It’s really simple to do, and once it’s set up it allows the members in your ownership circle, whether there are other pilot owners or whether again it’s within a flight club, to pay into the partnership account using a credit card or debit card.

From that point you can pay for whatever usage you’d like on the aircraft via the payments app in Coflyt. You can pay for dry rate, wet rate depending on how you set it up as a partnership. You can pay for maintenance of the aircraft through Coflyt into the partnership account. You can pay for whatever usage, whatever requirements there are within your ownership circle into the Coflyt app, and then have the opportunity to pay out of your ownership account making the finances of the aircraft and management of the aircraft that much easier.

We hope you enjoy this feature and functionality of Coflyt and it makes your flying that much more enjoyable.